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Greg graduated from the University of Pretoria in South Africa in 1985. He spent two years in the surgery department at the University of Pretoria doing dental research before leaving to seek fame and fortune in London. It was there he met his wife Bronwyn.  Together they set up three successful veterinary practices in London.

Greg has a special interest in Diagnostic Ultrasound and has completed a one year long distance learning course in Diagnostic Ultrasound run by the Continuing Veterinary Education department at Sydney University.

Greg now enjoys living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with the menagerie of pets he, his wife and children have collected.

When Greg is not working as a vet he can be seen playing the piano at home, golf at Long Reef or bridge at one of the clubs on the Northern Beaches.



Bronwyn graduated with honours from the University of Queensland in Brisbane in Dec 1985. After 18 months in small animal Practice in Ipswich she headed over to the UK further her vet skills and to travel.

In London, Bronwyn established the Park Veterinary Practice with her husband Greg. Together they ran a successful practice in West Wimbledon, London for 12 years. In 2002 they returned to Sydney to raise their family of three children: Leah, Hannah and William, and to also be closer to family.

Bronwyn's veterinary interest includes feline medicine and she successfully completed a post graduate Feline medicine certificate run by the Continuing Veterinary Education department at Sydney University.

Bronwyn, Greg and Family love their fur babies, Raja the slinky Siamese, Archie the adventurous kitten, and crazy Daisy the loveable but mischievous dog. The newest additions are Frankie & Poppy, cats who enjoy keeping the others on their toes. She also enjoys playing tennis, taking her dog Daisy for long walks and reading.



Janelle grew up on the Northern beaches and has worked at Northern Districts Vet part time for many years. She graduated from Sydney University in 1996, and after an initial stint in a busy practice in South Sydney, she returned to the beaches and has remained there ever since, working in various practices and juggling work with raising a family.


Janelle enjoys getting to know our clients and their pets and following them through their lives together. She also enjoys surgery and has had a lot of experience in practice. She keeps up to date with the latest medical and surgical advances by attending regular webinars and courses.


Janelle lives locally with her husband and their two children. In her spare time, Janelle enjoys walking with her dogs, reading and catching up with friends.

She has had quite the menagerie of pets over the years and currently shares her home with Gaby an easy going Labrador, Flynn a very friendly Dachshund, Tilly a very disapproving tortoiseshell cat and Walter a tabby & white cat who is obsessed with watching cat youtube.

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Operations Manager/ Vet Nurse

Lisa has been with Northern Districts for 25 years. She began her career as a trainee vet nurse and has enjoyed furthering her knowledge and skills. She has invested a great deal of time in further education such as her Certificate in Vet Nursing, Vet Technician and Veterinary Practice Management.

Lisa founded the Squinty's Hope Foundation charity in 2014 which helps fund and care for stray neonate animals in need. As a result she has raised hundreds of kittens of various ages, bunnies & birds. She finds it extremely rewarding seeing her babies find forever homes and looks forward to seeing them visit with their happy families.

Lisa spent two unforgettable amazing months in Africa in 2017 volunteering in a Rhino Orphanage in South Africa and a Wildlife Sanctuary in Zimbabwe. This renewed her passion for conservation and protection of animals all around the world.

Lisa is owned by her 5 gorgeous but demanding cats Myrren, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater Yohan Murray, boisterous brothers Onesie & Tupac and naughty Axel as well as many other freeloaders waiting for their forever homes.

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Head Vet Nurse

Shannon was born in South Africa and grew up travelling around Southern Africa and England. 


She found the love of animals very early and decided to follow her passion and become a veterinary nurse.  She has over 3 years experience working as a nurse in South Africa where she studied her nursing at University of Pretoria. 


Shannon decided to emigrate to Australia over 2 years ago.  We are now lucky to have her here at Northern Districts Vets as part of our family and has definitely put a spark to the place. 


Since being at NDV she has been unable to resist and has acquired 2 kitties name Tony and Daphne who she now can't live without.

Helen's Photo.jpeg

Vet Nurse

Helen began at Northern Districts Vets as a volunteer studying her Certificate III in Companion Animal Management. It took her no time at all to realise that instead of being a kennel hand, she wanted to make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of animals, so she followed her Certificate III studies with a Certificate IV in vet nursing which she has recently completed.

Helen has two perfect rescue cats named Trapper and Marvin who keep her warm in winter and warmer in summer!


When she’s not waiting on her cats, Helen is often walking around the tracks and headlands of the Northern Beaches, enjoying time with friends or reading murder mysteries.


Trainee Vet Nurse

Lilly grew up on the Northern Beaches and enjoys the beautiful scenery. She finished year 12 in 2022 and always wanted to be part of helping animals. Her mum is in the industry and she has helped her over the years and knew straight away that that is what she wanted to do. She is currently doing her Certificate II in Animals Studies and will be continuing her studies this year to start the Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Lilly has had many pets over the years and at the moment she is servant to three cats, Jill, Jasper & Josie and one very demanding chihuahua Chloe.

Lilly is very creative and loves to draw and design and when not using her creativity she is walking her doggy around the beautiful parts of the Northern Beaches. She is a bit of a karaoke queen too. 

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Custom Food Officer

Marmie is a long-term resident who came to us from our previous sister clinic at Forestville in 2010. She was brought to us by a member of public with four of her newly born kittens and very quickly made herself at home, letting everyone know she was part of the family from day one.


She will round you up for endless pats and her daily greenies, calling her 'extremely demanding' is sometimes an understatement but we love her nevertheless.


When she is not making her daily rounds for attention from either staff or clients, she'll either be soaking up the sunshine on whatever surface she pleases, eating her dental food, waiting at the door in hopes of a pat from the next person who enters, checking documents (A.K.A making herself comfortable on them) or just ensuring everyone is aware of her forever alluring presence in general.


Some may call her spoiled, when really she's just a (not-so) independent fluffy bundle of love that knows what she wants and when she wants it.

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