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Australian pets are living longer thanks to ever-improving owner and veterinary care. You may not be aware that our pets age much faster than we do. Within the veterinary profession we consider 8 years and over in cats, and 7 years and over in dogs as Senior.

Old age is not a disease in its own right, but it brings with it a greater risk of developing certain conditions. For this reason, it is important to have a vet check your Senior Pet regularly; at least every 6 months.

The common conditions found in Senior Pets include:

  • osteoarthritis

  • dental disease

  • heart disease

  • high blood pressure

  • diabetes

  • kidney disease

  • liver disease

  • thyroid diseases

  • cancer

Regular Senior Health Checks increase the chance of us identifying health issues early.

Blood tests, urine tests and blood pressure checks also help us screen for common issues. With early detection, these conditions can be managed or even cured, reducing the impact on your loved one's health, adding years to their life, and quality years at that!

Unfortunately, however, many conditions in our Senior pets cannot be cured. In most cases, we are able to offer medical management for these conditions which aim at improving your pet's quality of life, and hopefully increase their life expectancy.

Understandably, many owners are reluctant to undertake major interventions with their Senior Pets, but in many situations we are able to offer options that involve minimum intervention and can lead to large improvements in the health of their pet and very importantly their quality of life.

We are also able to give guidance on making the most difficult decision a pet owner ever has to make - knowing when to say 'good bye'.

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